Thursday, 3 August 2017

Here's my 1st month's entry for Army Painter 2017 "competition" on Lead Adventure Forum. It's a continuation from last years entry where I painted 1 figure and 1/2 started 19 others...not very good

Here are 20 Copplestone Castings Chinese troops completed. One of them was finished prior but I had used a Brown Wash. I re-washed him in black as I liked the look better.

Here are a couple close-ups of some of the figures. These are done for the purpose of the AP competition, however, I will probably do some highlights later on.

This last photograph shows the entire Army. I actually made some great progress as another 20 are finished minus the bases. As August is going to be hectic, I won't have as much time so I planned ahead.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Finished and Based

So here they are! In all their glory!

20 Infantry and a standard bearer, leader and Lewis gunner for the HQ element. I picked up a 2nd banner bearer off of eBay but need to rebase her to match.

I based them last week and added the grass tufts yesterday. Didn't have tweezers on hand but whatever. It works.

I just realised that this is the most I have ever painted in a single year, let alone a 3-4 month period.

The maxim support gun. The loader is propped up on his own washer which is still visible from above so I'll need to fix that. Maybe some more grass tufts? 

I added First Corps Miniatures  Austin Armored Car v2 that I picked up sometime in 2016.
Painted black. Lined grey and then washed. Added a wolf howling at the moon transfer from a old Space Wolf transfer sheet. (Actually added 2 but forgot to seal with nail polish and one got damaged and had to be removed). It was my first time using transfers. Luckily a guy at work plays Bloodbowl so he walked me through it.

The other side. Added a mud effect by flicking paint from an old toothbrush. Worked like a charm. Thankfully I finished this up and hopefully the impetus will push me to finishing all of those pesky Copplestone Chinese I bought.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Bolsheviks Finished

Well, I finished those Bolsheviks. I'm pretty happy with the results. Total working time was about 10 hours which was composed of 8 lunch hours and 2 at night when the kids were asleep.

They say pictures or it didn't happen.

Here are two units of 10 and the commander.

A close up of the left squad.

A close up of the right squad.

A close up of the commander. Gave him a white mustache just because.

All I have left to do now is base the suckers and paint a Lewis gunner and standard bearer for the HQ element, and a Heavy Machine Gun for support.

Then on to those pesky Chinese.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Bolshevik's are coming!

Just wanted to share a quick post about what I've done recently.

After failing miserably painting those Copplestone Chinese troops (still only 1 painted), I though I would start anew and build up some paining mojo before diving back in (read, oh shiny, look). I have some Copplestone Red Russians in the desk at home that also need paint but I also have fewer so it's not as daunting.

I painted during my lunch break yesterday and the day before and managed to finish these four, minus the bases. They are supposed to be Trotsky's Red Train guards. I'm pretty chuffed about them to be honest.

Army Painter Pure Red Basecoat
Assorted Reaper, GW, and Vallejo paints
Army Painter Strong Shade

So, in 2 hours, I painted more Russians then a 6 month allotment for my Chinese. What did I learn?

I do like batch painting but need to focus on smaller numbers. With the Russians, I was doing groups of 4, while the Chinese were groups of 20.

What does that mean? Well, two hours got me 4 troops completed. Confidence, mojo, drive all increase fairly quickly. Changing colours often, not painting the same parts, over and over and over again in an hour keeps it fresh.

Doing larger groups is slower overall progress, and seems daunting. I felt no desire to "power through", just one more colour.

So hopefully, in the next month, I'll have these pesky Russians done and can resume with the Chinese.

Aaaand on a side note, Hotlead, Southwestern Ontario's premiere  war-gaming convention is this weekend. I am super excited.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Where has the time gone?
Pathetic really.
I'll try to get more content posted but I've lost my social media mojo.

What have been up to? Asked no one. :)

I failed abysmally at the Army Painter.
I finished one, yes one figure! That's all. In 6 months. I'm 1/2 way thru another 20 or so and another 20-30 are primed. In my defense, we gutted my kitchen and that took up loads of my time but  still...

I've painted maybe another 5-10 figures and some terrain I had laying about.

GW has crawled it's way back into my life! OMG. The new AoS stuff is particularly nice. I've been suckered in with the StormCast Eternal figures. 1/2 Painted 3 yesterday in an ethereal green wash, and picked out the cloth, belt and metal bits. Looks kinda dope so far. AND so simple.

I received the TMNT Shadows of the Past and The Walking Dead (TWD) All Out War board games via Kickstarter. Played TMNT...pretty good. Haven't played TWD yet but primed some of the walkers. Planning on doing an homage to the comics in monochromatic greys. Excited but nervous I'll fuck it up. #YOLO. Hoping to slap some paint today actually.

I'm super pumped for Hotlead 2017. I've booked my room for the Friday night. Games are still being registered so hopefully get some great games in Friday and Saturday

Until next time...

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

LAF's Army Painter 2016

Well, I foolishly decided to enter the painting competition. I don't know what possessed me to but I'm in so I might as well try and get 'er done.

Had some ups and downs this month.

Finally found "cheap" washers (about $0.12/each) to base my troops on. Want them magnetized or I would have gone with some plastic or MDF circular bases.

Placed an order from J&M Miniatures for 3 brushes and a can of Army Painter (AP) Uniform Grey spray paint. Hadn't heard anything for a while (what I felt was longer then usual) and no package at the door. Then I received an email refunding me a portion of the order with out any explanation why or what was being refunded.

I was panicked as getting AP Spray is a full day affair and I didn't really have the time available.

My package came a few days later and as I suspected it only contained brushes.

What to do? What to do?

On a whim I tried a much closer local hobby shop. Lo and behold, they had AP spray. BUT they were out of Uniform Grey...and would only place an order once their remaining AP stock was gone. FAIL! But they did have Wolf Grey which is slightly Bluer, more blue, whatever. Executive decision! Wolf Grey it is.

I rushed home semi-victoriously and primed 20 figures. Boo yah. Progress.

I managed to find some time and got a test figure part painted. I used a brown (some GW brand colour) wash on the  now AP Wolf Grey cloth. Looked weird. Dirty almost. I then decided I would dry brush some lighter Wolf Grey highlights to tidy it all up. SO off to GW for some paint. I also decided to wash the Wolf Grey with a blue wash and subsequent figures. Probably will look better.

Then I based it with the new GW texture paint and some brown dry brushing (3 colours, whew!) and I was done. Typically this is all I ever do but what the heck, I'm feeling adventurous (Aaaand, the GW texture paint didn't hide the integral base as well as I had hoped) so I applied an Army Painter tuft of grass.

Boom! Done. I do believe that this is my first very first FULLY painted AND based figure ever! In almost 19 years of miniature war gaming (pathetic, I know).

Anyways, excuse the terrible photos. iPhones aren't the greatest and my camera skills suck.
Am I going to win any prizes? Nope. Do I care? Nope (well, maybe a little). Am I comfortable fielding a full force of these guys? Yep. Can I paint a full force of these guys? Probably.

And I have 5 more days to paint 4 figures to hit the bare minimum for LAF.

Wish me luck.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Oh boy

Where has the time gone? I added the blogger app to my "Smartphone" which added my defunct blog and not this one and I could not for the life of me figure out how to add a second blog or delete the first one, so I gave up...for a bit.

Needless to say lots has happened.

1) Zombicide Black Plague and Wolfsburg expansion with all the Kickstarter exclusives have arrived and I've managed to get several games in with friends.

Pros: New scenarios, weapons and characters in a medieval setting

Cons: Same old zombicide mechanics...starting to get a tad boring.

Also picked up a micro game called Roll With It. Fantastic!

2) Purchased a whack of Copplestone Back of Beyond Chinese when Northstar acquired distribution rights and had nice discount going.

3) My Art Club painted some Reaper Bones Orcs and Skeletons and build rivers and medieval cottages. Some real talent among the group. I've learned that working with youth is both extremely rewarding but can be frustrating too. They don't all have the communication skills to say, I have an exam to study for, I can't make it today.

4) I've painted seven (7) figures since the last post. I'm elated! I have not painted a total of seven figures over the last 3 years.

5) Related to purchasing of item #2 and results of item #4, I've entered an Army Painter "competition". Basically, I'm required to paint 5-30 figures per month for 6 months to complete an army. What am I thinking?

6) I picked up some triangular shaped Army Painter brushes from Meeple Mart and REALLY seem to like the grip better then the usual round ones. Maybe that has helped me stay motivated?

Hopefully I can stay more regular and keep updating this blog especially with my Army Painter project underway.